Bringing SexyBack: The Best of Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Bringing SexyBack: The Best of Justin Timberlake

Back in the mid-Nineties, when he was just another boy-bander with a goofy grin, few would have surmised Justin Timberlake would become one of the world's most invincible pop solo acts. Here's our compilation of JT's biggest hits - we are not responsible for anyone who gets naked by the end of these songs.

1. "Rock Your Body"

Originally offered to Michael Jackson by The Neptunes, Timberlake took on the track instead. Blending influences of Jackson and Stevie Wonder, the uptempo, disco-driven tune was formulated for success. The soul-infused sound, combined with Timberlake's sensual vocals, destined the track for dance-floor greatness. 

2. "My Love"

Standing in the cross-stream of staccato hip-hop and pulsating synths, Timberlake proves his ceaseless reinvention of mainstream pop music with lathering this futuristic rock-techno beat with a soul-pop hook and T.I.'s verse that earned the love ballad a Grammy for Best/Rap Sung Collaboration. 

3. "Mirrors"

It's hard to fathom wanting more from an eight-minute number, but between the handclap-driven pop production and Timberlake's reflective falsettos, JT bares his heart in this intimate track written for his wife before their marriage. It's hard to look away as Timberlake dances in rhythmic, trance-like flow in a room full of mirrors, and it's even harder to stop crooning to this song on-repeat. 

4. "Suit & Tie"

Returning to the music industry in sleek fashion, Timberlake went platinum with this single that prepped the blowout success of his third album The 20/20 Experience. JT channeled bad boy energy in his previous album FutureSex/LoveSounds album, but he returned a dapper gentlemen in his follow-up release, seamlessly dancing between the lines of pop, R&B and soul in polished shoes alongside larger-than-life rapper Jay-Z. 

5. "SexyBack" 

Justified kickstarted JT's solo career, but "Sexyback" immortalized the former N'SYNC member into a household name. After the song came out I was walking around NYC when I crossed paths with a UPS delivery guy who shouted, "Hey, JT! I'm bringing sexy back!" Timberlake shared. "He was wearing the uniform and everything, but in that moment he felt that way and that was awesome. I wanted anyone to be able to say those words."

6. "Senorita"

Co-written with Pharrell and The Neptunes, Spanish ballad "Señorita" stems from Timberlake imagining "a dark-skinned voluptuous lady whose attention he is trying to capture." The irresistible tale speaks both to the fellas and the ladies, as Timberlake wraps the number with one of lyric's finest closers: "Gentleman, good night. Ladies, good morning." 

7. "What Goes Around.../...Comes Around"

Timberlake goes dark in this Grammy Award winning single, wearing his heart on a sleeve on an uptempo beat as he smirks with unforgiving suave, "What goes around....comes back around, yeah." Justin doesn't flinch in his transformation from the charismatic Mr. Good Guy to an even more irresistible spokesman for Karma in one number, reminding us all that karma, lest we forget, is a b****.